We create & carve each bead.
Like snowflakes, my beads may be similar, but no two are identical.
As a result, each piece of jewelry is an original work of wearable art.


gathering molten glass from the furnaceThe hand-carved beads featured in this jewelry are unique in the 3500-year history of glass bead making. Amazingly, even though people have been creating glass beads for millennia and carving glass for nearly as long, extensive research has been unable to yield historical examples of similar carved glass beads. In making my beads, traditional techniques are combined in an innovative way to create a historically new bead style.


pulling glass rodsAll of my beads are made entirely by hand in my studio. We begin by melting a premium barium crystal glass batch (imported from Sweden) in a furnace at 2250F. Layers of molten 2000F glass, either plain crystal or in combination with colored glasses, are gathered on a steel blowpipe. An elongated bubble is blown into the mass of glass which is then formed into the desired final bead shape (round, oval, or square). Finally, the still molten glass is pulled into long hand-blown tubes of appropriate diameters. As the tubes cool to a solid state, they are broken into shorter pieces which are cooled slowly in an annealing oven.


carving beadsWhen cold, the lengths of tubing are sawn into bead-sized segments. These are individually carved by hand with custom made diamond impregnated wheels using traditional cut glass, lapidary, and Italian "batutto" techniques, then finished with a proprietary polishing or acid etching process. No molds or jigs are used in our beadmaking.

Pendants set in bezels and other special non-bead shapes are carved from blanks which are hand cast in the studio.


All metal components in the finished jewelry are sterling silver. Unless otherwise specified, the jewelry is strung on .024" diameter, nylon coated stainless steel cable. Forty-nine very thin strands of stainless are twisted to form a highly flexible, extremely fine nylon coated jewelers cable that is virtually unbreakable.


My jewelry is represented by the Museum Shop of the Corning Museum of Glass and other fine craft and glass galleries.

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